Fitness Journal


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A fitness journal that is filled with everything from the basics of nutrition, comprehensive meal plans with recipes, exercises targeting specific muscle groups, as well as a workout plan. Learn, succeed, and track all with this journal.


Nutrition Education:

The fitness journal will cover what each macro does, why its important, how much you should get, and good sources for each macro.

21 Day Meal Plan:

This will be a 21 day meal plan to help you jump start your weight loss, showing you what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat. Just cook, eat, and lose!

Workout Education:

This will cover what exercises hit each muscle, how to do it properly and safely to prevent injuries.

21 day Workout Plan:

This will cover how to piece a group of exercises together with precise reps and sets, to build and track an effective and cohesive workout plan to see your dream results.