Prime Trim Max + Man


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is the perfect solution for men searching for products that support their weight management goals by boosting free testosterone, increasing blood flow, enhancing metabolism, and boosting energy to power through the day!

Prime Max focuses on the energy aspect to help keep you going through the day while providing help with metabolism support from a fat burner. 

Prime Man is designed to help with testosterone support, stamina, and enhance blood flow. 

 Key Ingredients

AdvantraZ™: Herbal extract clinically proven to enhance metabolism and support weight loss.

Teacrine™: Herbal extract clinically proven to enhance mental alertness and energy for up to four hours in combination with caffeine.

Primavie™: Clinically tested plant extract which has been proven to increase free testosterone levels, boost libido, and improve strength.

Nitrosigine™: nearly doubles maximum blood flow compared to Arginine HCl with 5x greater vessel relaxation. Nitrosigine™ takes effect in as little as 30 minutes and benefits last for up to 3 hours.