Prime Trim Max + Prime Trim Woman


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 is the perfect solution for women searching for a weight management system that supports natural hormones, provides energy to power through the day, and boost their metabolism to burn more fat!


Prime Max focuses on the energy aspect to help keep you going through the day while providing help with metabolism support from a fat burner. 

Prime Woman focuses on a smooth natural energy to help boost mood and keep hormones in balance, giving you that 'feel good' energy to tackle your day. 

Key Ingredients:

Black Cohosh: Herbal ingredient used heavily in ancient medicine. Has been used to support healthy living and hormone balance.

DIM: Natural ingredient that may assist in balancing hormone levels.

AdvantraZ™: Clinically studied bitter orange extract studied for its ability to stimulate thermogenesis, suppress appetite, and support weight management. 

Teacrine™: Herbal extract clinically proven to enhance mental alertness and energy for up to four hours in combination with caffeine.