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When a typical pre-workout says "1 scoop" as a serving size - it is typically not the correct dose for both a man AND a woman.

This is the concept behind Rhino for HER…a pre-workout created just for women that takes the guesswork out of whether you are getting the correct doses of key ingredients to enhance performance while avoiding the “cracked out” feeling and ill effects often associated with regular pre-workout powders.


Take a look at the label and you will find Rhino for HER contains:

  • Caffeine Matrix– All the fat-burning, attention-enhancing effects of caffeine without the hard crash or upset stomach!
  • Choline Complex – Choline is the precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that can boost focus, mood, and concentration abilities.
  • Nitrosigine– The world’s most effective form of arginine that improves blood flow up to 3 hours.
  • Tauric Acid – Improves time to exhaustion, VO2 Max, and maximal workload.
  • DIIM - A natural compound found in cruciferous vegetables that, when supplemented in appropriate doses, detoxifies estrogen.

Rhino for HER will help supply all the energy, focus, and pump needed to smash your workouts from start to finish. At the same time, you’ll know it’s made JUST FOR HER.

You don’t use your man’s shampoo or other personal care items, so stop using his pre-workout formula and start using Rhino for HER, a pre-workout created for women just like you!


  • Pre-workout specifically dosed for women*
  • Intense energy without the crash*
  • Boosts focus, mood, & concentration abilities*
  • Increases endurance and power output*
  • Lessens fatigue by enhancing blood flow to working muscles*
  • Delicious flavors